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The municipality is in a security zone since the cases presented to date do not exceed the expected projections.

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The Municipal Health Secretariat released this great news after the Departmental Health Secretariat issued the Epidemiological Bulletin on this viral disease.

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In an agreement with the Departmental Health Secretariat, Maribel Suárez Burgos managed 200 mosquito nets and repellents for future mothers in the municipality in order to mitigate dengue.

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During this time of preventive isolation and mitigation of COVID-19 in Pitalito, the Municipal Administration continues in a relentless fight against a virus that continues to claim victims in the region and to which attention must be paid: dengue.

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The Municipal Health Secretariat and the ESE Manuel Castro Tovar visited hundreds of homes in communes one, two and four, in order to check if they had dirty pools or water reservoirs that could serve as breeding sites for the dengue mosquito.

This departmental initiative, which aims to reduce the impact of this virus in all municipalities, was carried out in Pitalito with a day to collect unusable items and raise awareness among households in the Acacias first and second stage, Simón Bolívar de Commune 1; Nogales, Rosales and Villa Catarina of Commune 2; Libertador, Villa Consuelo, San José de la Commune 4.

The results of this activity were praised by the representatives of the authorities and by the citizens who received the visit of these allies of public health.

Óscar Gaitán, one of the members of the Municipal Health Secretariat team, highlighted the impact of the activity and invited Laboyans to check “if we have bottles, pots or vases in our homes where the mosquito can proliferate. They just need clean water and a wall for each female to lay 200 eggs a day. In this important task we cannot think only of ourselves, but of our neighbors because we are affecting our neighbors”.

The Laboyanos opened the doors of their houses to allow the review and suggestions that were delivered by the technicians of the Ministry of Health, who had the support of the ESE Manuel Castro Tovar, Biorganicos del Sur, Empitalito, the management authorities of the risk and other entities.

For her part, Neila Muñoz, one of the people who received the training, felt grateful that the authorities carry out this type of training for families, since one of her grandchildren had this virus.
“Fortunately it was a classic dengue, she received very good care and recovered. It is important not to leave collected water lying around: uncovered bottles, wet clothes, and other containers,” she stated.

Mayerly Plazas, another resident of the 7 de Agosto sector, explained that her neighbors have been affected by Aedes Aegypti and advised using the mosquito net with the children, cleaning everything very well and being constant with the washing of the pool.

It is important to remember to use soap, clean and leave it to act for 15 minutes, as stated by Óscar Javier Ibarra Olarte, who asked for more intervention from the authorities with the residents of the Libertador neighborhood, where there are some abandoned tanks full of water.

The Health authorities thanked the participants and affirmed that these activities will continue to be carried out to mitigate the impact of the viral phenomena that are affecting the Department.

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The Municipal Health Secretariat invites Laboyans to be part of the "D-Day" departmental strategy, which will take place next Friday, March 13, and in which work will be done to prevent and reduce the proliferation of the mosquito that transmits the dengue and thus mitigate the risk due to the increase in the disease in Pitalito.

This marathon day, in which the active participation of citizens is expected, will include a garbage collection brigade in alliance with Empitalito and Biorganicos, a pedagogy on how to avoid the presence of the virus in the neighborhood and the comprehensive intervention of nine prioritized neighborhoods for its number of cases.

The sectors in which this activity will be carried out will be the Acacias first and second stage, Simón Bolívar of Commune 1;

Nogales, Rosales and Villa Catarina of Commune 2; Libertador, Villa Consuelo, San José de la Comuna 4. The Secretary of Health, Yadira Rojas Carvajal, extended the invitation to citizens to be protagonists of this day and to spread these learnings with all their family, friends and co-workers.

This activity was also joined by the leaders of the neighborhoods to intervene, the ESE Manuel Castro Tovar, the Meritorious Fire Department of Pitalito, a group of students from the South Andean Liceo, the Red Cross, the Civil Defense, the Reina Isabel Clinic, and the Office of Environment and Risk Management
The municipal authorities continue with their education plan for the prevention of dengue, in different spaces such as educational institutions, workers and families from Laboya.

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With the campaign "A Pact for Our Neighborhood", the Municipal Administration of Pitalito will sensitize and empower the Laboyana community so that they jointly apply prevention measures that mitigate the proliferation of dengue.

This strategy, which will also cover other public health issues, will begin with the eradication of the mosquito that transmits this virus due to the increase in cases due to climatic changes, such as the current dry season.

According to the National Institute of Health, so far this year  20 confirmed cases have been reported and another 64 that  are classified as probable .

The Secretary of Health, Yadira Rojas Carvajal, invited the community to “join efforts to prevent more people from being bitten by the Aedes Aegypti, the mosquito that transmits dengue.

"A pact for our neighborhood" is a way for us to generate collective awareness around the control and prevention of dengue." Likewise, she stressed the care that must exist such as  the cleaning of pools, the good disposition of water reservoirs and unusable ones that are in parks, patios, homes, among other places that can be mosquito breeding sites  .

This strategy is socialized through the institutional social networks of the Mayor's Office of Pitalito. There, Laboyans can learn about and recognize symptoms, prevention methods, myths and realities of the dengue vector, among other educational tools.

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