To date, the mayor's office of Pitalito does not have any job announcement

 Through the SIGEP you can consult the resume of current officials

It is the Public Employment Information and Management System, a key tool at the service of the public administration and citizens that allows the consolidation, administration and processing of both national and territorial institutional information related to: type of entity, sector to which it belongs , composition, staff, jobs held, salaries, etc.; information with which the institutions of the Colombian State are identified.

Here you will find: Full name and surname, Country, Department and City, Academic Training, Work and Professional Experience, Employment, Position and Activity held, Unit in which you provide your services in the Entity, Institutional Email Address, Institutional Telephone, Salary Scale according to categories, Object, Value of Fees and final and Termination Act

SIGEP Mayor of Pitalito

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 11:58

Offer of the day - Public Employment Office

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Vacancies available through the Office of the Public Employment Agency SENA.

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